Holiday Units

What are they?

Think of them as a supersized caravan, they start out folded in a neat container-like form. From the moment they arrive at Queen Street Holiday Park, our skilled team get to work and like magic, they transform into a mega sized, two-bedroom unit.


 We have options for moving the spare bedroom wall to  help cater to your needs and lifestyle. If you would like a larger master bedroom and to use the second room for a study, storage, walk-in wardrobe or pantry, we can make it happen! Or you may have no need for a spare room. We can easily remove the wall and you can enjoy a large, spacious bedroom. The kitchen island is also fully movable, allowing you to set up your kitchen space however you would like it!

In-Holiday Unit Facilities

 These holiday unit facilities aren’t like your typical caravan! Our Holiday Units come complete with full bathroom, yes – bathroom, with a flushing toilet and full size shower! The kitchen comes complete with a sink, work bench and cupboards. Cooking appliances are your responsibility to purchase. Most holiday unit owners have purchased a bench top oven and hot plates, they find this works very well.


 Holiday Units are currently priced at $140,000, this includes the set up, connection to services and gas califont. Ready to walk on in and put your own touches. Once you have moved in, there is site rental per week plus power and water. This includes access to the amazing on-site facilities, like the gym, spa and weekly get to togethers.


 When you’re not using the Holiday Unit, you can list it on Airbnb. This is a great way to help cover the ground rent or even get a return on your investment. All Airbnb bookings need to be a minimum 3 nights and maximum 14 days. Our team can help with cleaning and welcoming guests to the park. Terms and Conditions and extra fees apply to Airbnb bookings within the park, please contact us for more information.

Selling or Moving

If the time comes, and you would like to move on from the park, you have two options:

- Take the Holiday Home with you, as these units are towable. You can pack up and take it to your next location.

- Sell on-site, this would be the easiest option as we only have limited numbers of Holiday Homes. Just talk to the team about how to do this.